Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Letting go

Letting go

It’s a process to let go. It is a difficult process. It is an overwhelming process. You have perfected your life, your schedule, your routines, and your environment. Then a person comes along who alters everything you know to be true.

You wake up knowing the plan for the day. You have an idea of what can make your day crazy but this person does not. They do not have the experience to conceptualize hazards along the way so they end up making careless mistakes and creating stress for you as you know you can do it quickly, and easily.


Even though it is quick and easy, does this person develop into a person who can critically and independently think? Short term results in quick task completion. Long term results in an inexperienced person who will one day care for you.

So was it worth it to not let go?

What’s the difference between a mom and a preceptor or a mom and an educator?

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