Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A New Me!

Hello all!!!

Its been a while.

 There was a moment when my passion for nursing decreased and my focus was redirected to my second daughter. She is now 8 months old and since then have taken on a new role in the world of nursing. With this new role I am able to see the world of nursing in a new light. My new role encompasses leading, devloping, and supporting nurses who have recently earned their degree. This role is outcomes based and has no specific tasks. This is exciting because I am in the position to literally witness the Novice to Expert theory and equally frustrating at best. The long term results is what keeps me motivated in my career and in my role as a parent.

I struggled with my decsicion to take on this role and someone important to me said "dont you want to be amazing?" My initial answer was no I want my children to be amazing but then I thought who will model what is "amazing" to them. I could only come up with myself especially because I am the same sex parent.

To all of my Nurse Mom's remember to be there for yourself as well as your children because with the peak evolution of the profession in front of us, we will be  key in demostrating what a parent can become and cultivating an engaged generation of nurses who will eventually change healthcare.