Sunday, August 3, 2014

Clinical Quotes

The first days of clinical for a brand new nursing student can be described similarly no matter the school or demographic. I will use the word “nerve wracking” describe that feeling. To have never stepped foot in a hospital or to have never stepped foot in a hospital in the role of a nurse takes away a sense of control that is a common need of this profession’s personality. As the semester moves forward confidence grows as well. As a celebration to yet another successful semester with a wonderful group of students I have compiled a list of quotes that demonstrates growth within the group and unique experiences this particular group faced.

Each and every time I read these quotes I smile a bit as I remember the moments shared that have built an unmistakable bond be myself and 6 young ladies aspiring to becoming nurses.

  It was a change of life baby”

“I look everywhere for an AED machine, It’s kind of psychotic”

“What makes it a nurse purse?” “You put nurse stuff in it” “Oh, how much does it cost?” “$30” “Omg but I am a student”

“I am finally coming to the light”

“Do I have a jello heart?”

“I had to breathe life into the fish”

“Zinc, it totally sexes you up”

“Every week we come to clinical I feel like I am going on a blind date”

“I am loosing control; days of being on top of things are over”

“He liked it when I touched him”

“Smells like lemon, no it smells like bubbles. OMG am I having a stroke?”

“Whoever finds Dr. Broccoli wins”


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