Sunday, August 3, 2014

A little bit of change :)

A little about myself: Growing up I always wanted to be a pediatrician or a teacher but nursing seemed easier to a newly graduated high school student that just wanted to hurry up and grow up. So nursing it was. I then changed my goal to a pediatric RN until my pediatric clinical rotation. There I fell in love with the drug addicted babies and wept for their unfortunate circumstance. I was given the task by my instructor to insert a NG tube in a five month baby that nearly brought me to tears. It was then I decided that although I had a great love for the pediatric population I also became quickly emotionally attached to them which could not be a good thing to pursue this particular specialty. Then that day when you come to work and your tolerance is low and your patience is short and here you are on the busy telemetry floor you frequent. You are receiving report from four separate nurses indicating the patient load should have been split from the beginning. Each nurse unable to complete minor yet compiling tasks. … and also had a night that tested their patience so frustration is displaced to you as you are trying to prepare for the 12 hr day ahead of you. Now as you start your day you realize each patient’s night was just as hectic as each of the nurses… You see 2 of your patients both could equal about 1500 lbs together both non compliant in care, both completely dependent of nursing staff and both requiring constant pain management. Then suddenly the nursing super visor calls and sends you to the pediatric floor. Panic suddenly ensues as you recall those moments in nursing school. Anticipation is building not knowing what to expect. You have someone open the doors to the locked unit and you realize you have entered a magical place where the nurse’s smile, the ratio is low and the patients are small. A seven year old child gets to see their favorite characters. Batman, Spiderman, and Flash are regulars visiting the patients, taking pictures and signing autographs. What a nice relief from the usual fast pace hustle of the adult medical floor. Change is not always bad. ~MotherNurse

Clinical Quotes

The first days of clinical for a brand new nursing student can be described similarly no matter the school or demographic. I will use the word “nerve wracking” describe that feeling. To have never stepped foot in a hospital or to have never stepped foot in a hospital in the role of a nurse takes away a sense of control that is a common need of this profession’s personality. As the semester moves forward confidence grows as well. As a celebration to yet another successful semester with a wonderful group of students I have compiled a list of quotes that demonstrates growth within the group and unique experiences this particular group faced.

Each and every time I read these quotes I smile a bit as I remember the moments shared that have built an unmistakable bond be myself and 6 young ladies aspiring to becoming nurses.

  It was a change of life baby”

“I look everywhere for an AED machine, It’s kind of psychotic”

“What makes it a nurse purse?” “You put nurse stuff in it” “Oh, how much does it cost?” “$30” “Omg but I am a student”

“I am finally coming to the light”

“Do I have a jello heart?”

“I had to breathe life into the fish”

“Zinc, it totally sexes you up”

“Every week we come to clinical I feel like I am going on a blind date”

“I am loosing control; days of being on top of things are over”

“He liked it when I touched him”

“Smells like lemon, no it smells like bubbles. OMG am I having a stroke?”

“Whoever finds Dr. Broccoli wins”