Wednesday, February 14, 2018


MotherNurse here!

Today is about love peace and harmony. Today is a day that you share the love you have to share with people you truly care about. Unfortunately, if you are a grown up you most likely you have to work today....

The issue is that the people you work with are not necessarily people you care about. This makes it difficult to radiate the love externally. Luckily for me I am able to project the love for self internally! and here is what I have to say!

I love that I am a mother and nurse. I love that role I play in healthcare! I love my work space and that I attract those good vibes despite the harsh realities. I love my world created by me!


Monday, February 12, 2018

Nurse or Bully

MotherNurse here!

I would like to share an experience.

I spent 8 months in a job that was suppose to give me everything I wanted. It was suppose to be "easy." I was responsible for the on boarding of new graduate RN and new to specialty RN's for an IMC unit. When I sought after the job I was 2 years into my first Monday through Friday position that required a 2 hour commute daily. Although I love the position I could not manage the day in and day out responsibility, in addition to the family responsibility that came with then a 7 month old infant.

I took on the role knowing that the responsibility was a fraction of what needed to be done in my current role and it was at night which would give me flexibility to be home when I needed in order to tend to my family.

The realization was that night shift Monday through Friday is not what it is cracked up to be. I was a walking zombie. I could not give my then 2 year old the attention she needed regularly. Although I would love to spend my days at home lounging that is not a reality for a mom of 2.

The next realization is that although the responsibilities were a fraction of what was required in my previous role the culture I immersed myself in what tainted. The first week of orientation I had a long conversation with the person whose role I use to have and we hit it off. She understood where I was coming from and the level of experience I had and had to offer.
The first days on the unit were a total shock.

 The person who also does my job greets me and says here is your schedule for the next 6 weeks. In disbelief I say that I have previous engagements and as an exempt employee I have flexibility. She looks at me and tells me this is what my orientation is. At this time I had not worked 12 hour shifts for some time but during this orientation I was told that I would be required to do rotating shifts until. orientation is completed.

I was also sent to a consortium. Although consortium was packed with information I had long been disconnected from it was difficult to sit in the same class as the new grads that I was intended to assist in the on boarding. I was able to become well acquainted but the role of mentor/ coach was not in the cards. I went and learned but overly exhausted from the schedule flip.

Also during my orientation, I was being trained by the floor nurses to take care of patients. During the first 2 weeks I did not have computer access. The next 2 weeks I was expected to have grasped how to document perfectly ( which was the entire focus). I had experiences with nurses who argued with me about the action peak time of aparte vs regular insulin. This particular nurse gave regular insulin instead of the asparte ordered. When I expressed this to my counter part she did not believe me because that is not what was documented in the chart.
During this orientation period I cried often to my husband. I told him of the experiences but to him I appeared to be over -exaggerating.

Just prior to the end of my orientation I was to sit in a meeting with the unit educator, my counterpart and hiring manager. During this meeting I was told that I would not make it in the role due to my lack of experience in the IMC. I expressed how discontent I was with the orientation process and that it was known that I come from a hospital leadership position. I was willing to learn any clinical skills and bring forth any transition  to practice expertise I was able to bring. It appeared that everyone in the room was in agreement. That was until I realized there were rumors going around about me that stemmed from my counterpart.

And yes.... you heard it right! My counterpart was spreading rumors. Rumors that interfered with a potential promotion. Rumors that ignited the need for supervision in the night.

What is the point of tainting a person's name in the professional setting?

The answer: there is none

Nursing seems to have gotten to the point that professionalism and respect do not exist. Our environment flourishing off of who can make who look better. So if you are just working proficiently you cannot be acknowledge

Are we/you a contributor to the less than progressive culture that exists in the clinical environment?

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Speaking of journey's

I am in total support of all journey's.

Check out this young lady's journey documented.

Did anyone forget that nurses need love too

Hello Mother Nurse here!

At what point did nursing get to be so dangerous?

I arrive to work prepared with a badge that has my last name covered in fear that a patient whom I cared for will decide I did not do it to their standard so they meet me a my car when I get off at the standard 730 pm.

I arrive to work knowing that the patient who did not take their antipsychotics may punch me dead in my face just because.

I arrive to work knowing that the patient who is chronically in the hospital looking for their usual dilaudid dose is in withdrawal and attempts to bite me when the order is not put in fast enough...

I arrive to work knowing that my co-worker is not coming in today because a patient shot their gun at her....

I arrive to work knowing that when I am resuscitating a patient their mom doesn't understand and delivers undeserved obscenities
I arrive to work knowing the ordering provider has about as much respect for me as the scum under their shoe and has no problem making that clear....

When I arrive I want to arrive to take care of the legitimate patient who needs their life saved. I arrive to working hoping for a thank you but knows that is far from the reality and pat myself on the shoulder after a personally fulfilling 12 hour day.

I arrive to work and thank myself for doing what most could not imagine.

I arrived to work... the saga continues

Thursday, February 8, 2018

A New Me Part II

Mother and Nurse here!

I am writing today to express the gratitude I have for all that has been granted to me. As a nurse of 10 years I made it to the corporate world of Performance Improvement. I see healthcare in a whole new light. A light that shines brighter then ever before. Today I am writing a letter to myself 10 years ago.

Dear MotherNurse,

You are here to make a difference in health care. You have taken on a degree that allows you to impact people that transcends beyond you. As you are taking care of these patients be sure to do it with great pride. Remember that day the patient died after you resuscitated him 3 times. He was a character. He told you how miserable he was and that you were not doing your job. Despite how quickly you brought this pain medications and how much you smiled he continued to tell you that you were not doing a good job. ... and the occasional yelling. Ugh. Then on top of that you went home with throbbing swollen feet only to return the next morning before sun rise. You did it for 3 days straight. On that third day he was quiet and you were relieved until you realized that this was a clinical presentation. He quickly was unresponsive and from there you spent the next 10 hours resuscitating him. Remember how worn you felt. How much you hated being a nurse because of the emotional turmoil that was brought on, on a daily basis.
Remember the day your patient needed tube feeds but someone stole your pump. You had to call materials management only to find out there were none not being used.

Yes, all of these things happened to you but you kept going because of the glimmer of hope and understanding that you made a difference someones life.

Keeping those thoughts, keeping a smile, maintaining positive motivation kept you on the steady incline of progression and passion.

As you release all that the universe has provided in the form of lessons learn share them with the world because there is a novice nurse out there thinking what have I gotten myself into?

The answer is different for everyone. Good luck in your travels!


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Reflecting on a nursing moment :)

As I was doing rounds/taking vitals/ toileting, my very mobile knee replacement patient asked to use the bathroom. I obliged but I noticed she had some difficulty in moving which was new for her but we both thought it was due to "stiffness." She was independent with supervision so I left her and told her to call when she was done. She did but when I returned she was on the phone with her daughter saying she needed her neb treatment and was telling her daughter that one day she would not be here. I overheard the conversation and told her know that I would let the nurse know about the neb as soon as we returned her to bed. Again upon transfer I found her to be very weak but I thought it was due to her needing her neb treatment. We quickly transferred to bed, we set up her space to her liking and I immediately informed the nurse about the neb. And told the nurse I was going to lunch, by the time I heated up my lunch a code was called on my patient.

In this situation I was still in school, and a tech. I was the first to notice the symptoms but did not recognize them as symptoms. Of course as a tech I did all that I could do but I later learned that knee replacement was a risk factor for PE. SOB weakness and feelings of impending doom were also symptoms of a PE. Although they are vague symptoms as I practiced as a nurse, I am always overly cautious of patients that say they have any one of the above symptoms because of how quickly the patient deteriorates

Friday, November 13, 2015


As we all are aware, Nursing is a profession guided by evidence. Improvements are continuous and must be tested and demonstrated through the scientific method. The purpose of evidence based practice is to provide a better explanation and more workable solutions to problems. However, one may say that Nursing is an art that requires exclusive devotion and relying solely on scientific literature takes away from the Nurses ability to hone into his/her craft by being alert and responsive to the needs of his/her patient and therefore not always used in practice.

“Art and literature are essential to help us deal with and live in a world transformed by science and technology” (Darbyshire, 1999).

Can you recognize the development of your craft?
Do you believe there is a divide in nursing as a science and nursing as an art?
Has the science of Nursing caused harm or helped the profession advance?